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  – We are specialists in renting private boats & fishing charters in Seychelles.

We have negotiated the best rates with most yacht and fishing charter companies on the Island and can offer our clients a one-stop solution to compare all boat rental prices, boat type options, and trip options. We offer you a wide range of options from 50-foot sailing catamarans to 18 ft motorboats. It does not matter if you are looking for a boat to go fishing, snorkeling, diving, or even for a sunset cruise.

When you rent a private boat charter you can choose your own itinerary from a wide range of tour options. Go dive the crystal-clear waters around the Island, snorkel the pristine waters or try your luck while reef or deep-sea fishing.

How do we work?

1. Choose the boat of your choice
2. Fill in our simple booking request form
3. We will confirm within a couple of hours
4. Pay a small deposit of up to *15% and pay the balance at the time of charter.

*Our payment conditions vary depending on the charter company and the region. If you have any inquiries about the terms of payment for the boat you've chosen, please contact us. OR, as soon as we get your boat charter inquiry, we will inform you if the payment terms differ from those specified on our website.


The Republic of Seychelles, also known as Seychelles, is an archipelagic island country. It consists of 115 islands in the eastern Somali Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Seychelles is famous for its stunning white beaches, enormous natural diversity above and below the water, and everlasting beauty, serenity, and calmness.

Victoria, its biggest and capital city, is located 1,500 kilometers (800 nautical miles) east of the continent of Africa.

To the south, Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, the French overseas territories of Mayotte and Reunion, as well as to the east the Maldives and the Chagos Archipelago (as British Indian Ocean Territory, administered by the United Kingdom), are nearby island countries and territories.

With a forecasted 98,462 population in 2020, it will be the least populous sovereign African country. The only country in Africa that the World Bank currently classify to have a high-income economy is Seychelles.

Seychelles is the ideal location for those who are looking for the ideal weather, incredible marine life, and the chance to get away from it all. Perhaps this is the ideal location with its palm beaches, white sands, and turquoise oceans!

Climate and Weather: The weather in Seychelles is almost ideal: it's consistently warm and sunny almost every day, with no significant extremes.

Rarely does the temperature fall below 24° C/75° F or rise over 32° C/90° F. There are very seldom storms or protracted wet spells because all southern islands save the most isolated ones are comfortably outside the cyclone area.


We will arrange for you the best charter yacht, whether it be bareboat, crewed, sail, motor, or a catamaran, in Seychelles, a real tropical paradise.

Catamarans and Super Yachts are the two most popular charter options available in Seychelles. For your sailing trip, you may book boats both bareboat and crewed.

Due to their near-perfect ability to explore coral reefs, catamarans have emerged as the preferred sailing vessel. They are perfect for exploring Seychelles because of their minimal draught and simple access to the ocean.

Super Yachts and Luxury Yachts are becoming more popular. Yachts are being carried to the Indian Ocean more frequently than the Caribbean during the winter, avoiding the Atlantic passage and allowing access to all the amazing destinations in the Indian Ocean, including the Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius.

Bareboat Charters: Why not charter a boat and operate it yourself for the utmost in freedom? A remarkable variety of sailing yachts, both catamaran, and monohulled, are available for charter in the clearest waters in Seychelles.

Private Charters: Enjoy a cruise on your very own private yacht and tour the seductive Seychelles islands. Your journey will be one to remember thanks to the good weather, beautiful scenery, and friendliness of the locals!

Hire a boat, relax, enjoy in the stunning views from the water, and let the crew take the best possible care of you!
  • Great day fishing the flats. Caught Permit, Barracuda and huge Tarpon. Captain and boat were great and made for a great day!

    Sep, 2021
  • Nice day snorkeling with my family of 6. The waters were calm And only 6 ft deep but the marine life was amazing. Even caught some lobster.

    Jun, 2021
  • Amazing trip deep sea fishing. We went about 20 miles offshore and found a weed patch were we caught tons of Mahi! Will do it again soon.

    Dec, 2021

เราเสนอการเลือกของส่วนใหญ่บนเรือ,เรือยอร์ช&ตกปลาที่มีอยู่บน CHARTERS เซเชลล์

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Seychelles ทัวร์และกิจกรรม


Go sightseeing from the boat
Go sightseeing from the boat
Visit some amazing Dive spots
Visit some amazing Dive spots
Snorkel the chrystal clear waters
Snorkel the crystal clear waters
Try your luck Reef Fishing
Try your luck Reef Fishing
Experience a Deep Sea Fishing trip
Experience a Deep Sea Fishing trip
Go on sunset cruise
Go on sunset cruise